Dental Laboratory          



                                    Christa Raschke                                                                                              Hartmut Raschke

                over 27 years professional experience in dental engineering                                                             Work planning and scheduling - Erkodent programme

                                                Laboratory proprietor                                                                                                  Business organization - Personnel and tax - Logistics


                                    Silvia Monninger                                                                                             Nicole Prisching

                             over 17 years professional experience                                                                                              1996 - 1999 dental technician qualification

                                          in plastics engineering                                                                                                                   Nicole joined our team on 2006


As a dental laboratory specializing in plastics engineering, we produce high quality hand-worked tooth replacement devices which

comply with the German Medical Devices Act (Medizinproduktegesetz MPG). We guarantee that our tooth replacement devices are

produced in our laboratory under controlled procedures observing the statutory criteria for safety at work, environmental and health

protection. All the materials we use carry the CE symbol and our devices conform with the requirements of the EC guidelines

for medical products 93/42/EWG (appendix 1) dated 14th June 1993.


With over 27 years experience in dental engineering we can look back to the beginnings of plastic in dentures and have been

involved in all further developments and changes since.



The patented logo "Deutscher Zahnersatz" means we have been able to make our tooth replacement devices easily

and indisputably identifiable.


Alongside our day-to-day laboratory work, we have opened an independent laboratory for acrylic resin veneers and composites

in which we produce functional and aesthetic veneers to the highest of standards.




Our team is continually assessing the benefits of the latest technical and medical advances and then putting them into practice.

It is an integral part of our company´s training philosophy for us and our technicians to be continually advancing our

training to allow us to do this.

                                                                   Translation in English: WEB Master Hartmut Raschke


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